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Establishment Objective

Since the year 1993, our company was established to manufacture Hi-Wall indoor unit for niche market. Until the present time, over 20 year of succession, Aircon is now proud to present quality of value delivered such as low noise level, low power consumption, cooling efficiency and ease of installation to improve the quality of life for people who trusts our units.

Our Vision

Global warming is the critical problem of the world today, therefore, it is our task to manufacture high quality product with least power consumption to conserve global energy resources. Our 36,000 to 42,000 Btu/hr unit use two fan blowers with center supporting bearing for minimum power consumption and this designed is patented. To ensure that all our products re well engineered with excellent workmanship, all our units are designed in compliance with international standard such as ETL, CE and RoHS and our organization operated under ISO 9001:2015

Our Mission

Research and Development is our main concentration to come up with quality and reliable product to meet today’s quality demand. We are also manufacture OEM units for our major clients using highest quality materials, with good performance of the unit.


We manufacture only indoor fan coil units in order to concentrate in making our products most reliable energy efficient and durability. Ranging from 2.6 KW to 12.3 KW (9,000-42,000 Btu/Hr) for direct Expansion systems and 2.0 KW to 9.37 KW (7,000-32,000 Btu/Hr) for Chilled Water systems application with built in 3-way control valve for easy installation. Both ranges are available in Cooling only and for Heating also in both 50Hz and 60Hz frequency.

Annual Production

Over the past five years, the turnover of our company is in the range of 42,000 to 50,000 units. Above annual productions are coming from our customers from Middle East, Latin America, United States of America, Australia and Europe under the name of Aircon Mfg and also OEM product. Aircon gains reputation through our hard work to provide high quality, reliable design with excellent after-sales-service.


Skillful workforces to ensure production to meet customer’s delivery schedule, also motivated engineers to design and develop the fan coil units to be the top of the market.

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